Digital Assets
Asia 2024

27 March, Hong Kong

The Tokenisation of Everything

In the high-stakes world of finance, tokenisation is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, signalling a seismic shift set to redefine financial market by 2030. But beyond the headlines, the story dives deeper from risk through to liquidity, market infrastructure and security are just some of the looming questions mark over the emerging ecosystem. But like every revolution, its manifestation won’t be an overnight affair. 

This event is designed to encourage engagement, knowledge-sharing, and networking among attendees. It provides an effective way to explore the complexities and opportunities of tokenisation including interoperability, blockchain analysis, AML, taxation, CBDCs, stablecoins, asset management, digital identity, and many more.

Join us as we unpack the nuances of tokenisation in Asia, blending potential windfalls with the challenges lying in wait.







Audience Profile

Our core audience reaches across the financial services marketplace and participants will include experts, practitioners and thought leaders from both institutional and token native financial services firms.

Regulation Asia
has the largest database of financial services risk, regulatory and compliance professionals in the region.

Many of APACs leading regulators and global regulators look to Regulation Asia for insights, alongside attending the events.


Attendees develop market policy, exchange insights, and network with their peers at our events. 

Our events draw participants from senior levels within business, decision makers who expect rich content but also an opportunity to meet and network.

Key Themes

Evolving Institutional Landscape

Delve into the changing dynamics and mindset of institutions as they increasingly embrace tokenised assets.

Liquidity and Market Access

Explore how tokenisation democratises investments and injects liquidity into diverse asset classes, making markets more accessible.

Blockchain’s Promise

Unravel the efficiencies, effectiveness, and unprecedented transparency offered by blockchain-backed assets. 

Navigating Asset Diversity

Understand the complexities of choosing the right asset class within the broad spectrum of tokenisation, including traditional and unconventional assets.

From Traditional to Token-native

Explore the journey of transitioning from traditional financial assets and markets to a token-native ecosystem. 

The Long-term Revolution

Discuss the challenges, intricacies, and gradual nature of tokenisation’s transformative impact on finance, emphasising its endurance over instant change.

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